Autoattacks are performed by any class. The damage done depends on the stats the hero has. The attack speed depends on the item for some heroes, some are determined by the weapon the character is wearing.

Comparison of Strength and Agility (Druid, Hunter, Paladin, Rogue, Shaman and Warrior)Edit

The formula was posted in the news.

ATK SPD = (3.5 * ((STR + (0.25 * AGI)) / (STR + AGI))) [Abra mailed me this formula himself as of 5/23]

DMG = STR + (AGI * 0.25) [DMG from AGI is between 0 to 50% of AGI, therefore 25% of AGI is my average]

DPS = ((60 / ATK SPD) / 60) * DMG [Attacks will be done per minute, times damage]

ATK SPD = attack speed

DMG = damage

DPS = damage per second

STR = strength

AGI = agility

By putting the formula of the attack speed and the attack damage into the dps formula, one gets


It shows that the average (AGI based damage is randomized) DPS depends only on the sum of the two attributes.

This means, ignoring all abilities and the shield, a hunter is better served with a bow instead of a dagger of the same level.