Crafting Levels

From crafting level 5 (Which is what you start at when you make a new character) up to crafting level 21, you will create "Uncommon" cloth, leather, and plate armor. From crafting level 22 up to 71, you will create "Superior" cloth, leather, and plate armor. From crafting level 72 up to the maximum of crafting level 85, you will create "Epic" cloth, leather, and plate armor. "Heroic", "Legendary", and "Heirloom" items are un-attainable using your crafting skill.

Note: All level 80-85 location drops level 80-85 crafting materials but some are mostly found in specific locations

Cloth Crafting

5-10 Linen Cloth [Goldshire / Trisfal Glades]

11-20 Wool Cloth [Westfall / Silverpine]

21-30 Silk Cloth [Duskwood]

31-40 Mageweave Cloth [Stranglethorn Vale]

41-50 Runecloth [Blasted Lands]

51-60 Felcloth [Burning Steppes / Western Plaguelands]

61-70 Netherweave Cloth [Netherstorm]

71-80 Frostweave Cloth [Ice Crown]

80-85 Embersilk Cloth [Mostly Found in Vashj'ir / Twilight Highlands]

86-90 Windwool Cloth [Kun Lai Summit/ Townlong Steppes/ Vale of Eternal Blossoms]

Leather Crafting

5-10 Leather Scraps [Teldrassil / Mulgore]

11-20 Light Leather [Darkshore / The Barrens]

21-30 Medium Leather [Ashenvale]

31-40 Heavy Leather [Thousand Needles]

41-50 Thick Leather [Tanaris]

51-60 Rugged Leather [ Un'Goro Crater]

61-70 Knothide Leather [Zangamarsh]

71-80 Borean Leather [Howling Fjord]

80-85 Savage Leather [Mostly Found in Uldum / Mount Hyjal]

85-90 Exotic Leather [Jade Forest]

Plate Crafting

5-10 Copper Ore [Dun Morough / Durotar]

11-20 Tin Ore [Loch Modan / The Barrens]

21-30 Iron Ore [Wetlands]

31-40 Mithril Ore [Arathi Highlands]

41-50 Truesilver Ore [Hinterlands]

51-60 Thorium Ore [Western Plaguelands]

61-70 Fel Iron Ore [Hellfire Peninsula]

71-80 Saronite Ore [Dragonblight]

80-85 Elementium Ore [Mostly Found in Deepholm]

86-90 Ghost Iron Ore [Vale of Eternal Blossoms]

Legendary Crafting

I don't know about the others. But the Stalker Armor required 1000 of Devilsaur Leather.

71-80 Fur Cloth [Ice Crown] = 85 Freezing Heart Armor: +1995 Intellect

51-60 Devilsaur Leather [Un'Goro Crater] = 85 Devilsaur Stalker Armor: +1995 Agility

51-60 Arcanite Ore [Burning Steppes] = 85 Arcanite Armor: +1995 Strength