Single Target Damage: 3.0

Multiple Target Damage: 4.5

Longevity: 4.0


If you have unlocked Heirlooms, Death Knights start the game with an Heirloom Greatsword. This weapon offers Strength and is considered a Two-Handed weapon.

More Information on Heirlooms.



Frost TalentsEdit

Howling Blast

The Death Knight summons a frozen blast dealing 12% strength damage per point divided evenly among all enemies.

(Cooldown: 16 seconds)

Frost Fever

Enemies contract the disease Frost Fever, slowing attacks by 2% per point and causing 0.5% strength damage per point every two seconds.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))

Icy Talons

The Death Knight attacks with icy cold effiency, reducing time between attacks by 1.7% per point.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))

Hungering Cold

The Death Knight purges all warmth from around him, freezing all enemies for 0.4 seconds per point.

(Cooldown: 14 seconds)


The Death Knight brutally attacks his enemy dealing 6% strength damage per point plus 1% strength per point for each disease on the target.

(Cooldown: 9 seconds)

Blood TalentsEdit


The Death Knight strikes his enemy and absorbs their life force dealing 5% strength damage and healing per point.

(Cooldown: 12 seconds)

Blood Plague

Enemies in the Death Knight's presence are infected with the disease Blood Plague and take 1.5% strength damage per point every two seconds.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))

Rune Tap

The Death Knight taps the energy of a dark rune, healing himself for 8% of strength per point.

(Cooldown: 8 seconds)

Blood Presence

The Death Knight improves his vitality, increasing max health by 2.5% per point.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))


The Death Knight strikes through the hearts of all enemies dealing 7% strength damage per point to each.

(Cooldown: 10 seconds)

Unholy TalentsEdit

Bone Shield

A shield of bones that absorbs 5% per point when active. The shield generates one charge per six seconds and can hold three charges.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))

Crypt Fever

Enemies in the Death Knight's presence are infected with the disease Crypt Fever and take 0.35% of their max health as damage every two seconds (max 350 damage).

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))


The Death Knight uses an invisible force to strangle his enemy, preventing them from attacking for 0.5 seconds per point.

(Cooldown: 15 seconds)


The Death Knight raises a fallen enemy to fight for him, dealing 5% strength damage per point. The Ghoul dies when the Death Knight's health drops below 30%.

(Cooldown: 5 seconds)

Note: When the Death Knight's health raises above 30%, the Ghoul will not revive until an enemy is killed.


The Death Knight perfects his diseases, reducing the time between disease damage ticks by 0.1 seconds per point.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))