The 10th boss at the Brawlers Guild.


  • Required Brawler Rank: 9'
  • Opponent Rank: 9
  • Abilities: Mirror Image, Arcane Barrage


Name Damage Cast time Cooldown Evadable Interruptible Effect
Mirror Image 0 Long Long No No Spawns an image (2nd enemy) with only 1 hp
Arcane Barrage 4000 Short Short No Yes None


Keep at least 1 ability which can hit multiple targets available at all times so that the mirror image can be killed immediately upon spawning. Dominika will often use an Arcane Barrage immediately after using mirror image, so be prepared to either interrupt it or switch to protected stance.

The cooldown for Arance Barrage is also too short to be interrupted 100% of the time and as such, players should watch for it and switch to protected stance when required.