Single Target Damage: 3.0

Multiple Target Damage: 1.5

Longevity: 4.5


Agility: Attack Speed and Variable damage (0-0.5)

Strength: Base damage (1)

Intellect: None


If you have unlocked Heirlooms, Druids start the game with an Heirloom Dagger. This weapon offers Agility and is considered a Main Hand weapon.

More Information on Heirlooms.


Druid Talents

Feline TalentsEdit


The Druid leaps on top of the target stunning them for .4 seconds per point.

(Cooldown: 12 seconds)


With lightning speed the Druid slashes a target with its powerful claws, dealing 4% agility damage per point.

(Cooldown: 8 seconds)


The Druid learns to move unaggressively, not drawing attention, reducing chance to draw additional enemies.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))


Viciously attack an unsuspecting enemy. Does 10% agility damage, per point to targets the Druid engages.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))


Rips open a weakened enemy below 50% health dealing 8% agility damage per point.

(Cooldown: 14 seconds) In-game tooltip is wrong.

Bear TalentsEdit

Demoralizing Roar

The druid lets out a fierce roar, reducing enemy attack by 4% per point for 10 seconds.

(Cooldown: 15 seconds)

Thick Hide

The Druids hide thickens, increasing max hp by 10% of strength.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))

Blood Frenzy

The feral druid goes into a blood frenzy when enemies are beneath 50% health, increasing base damage by 3% per point.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))


The Druid furiously swings his claws, striking all enemies for 4% strength damage per point.

(Cooldown: 10 seconds)


In a feral rage the Druid mauls his target, increases regular attack damage by 7% per point.

(Cooldown: 12 seconds)

Balance TalentsEdit

Master Shape Shifter

Each equipped item will additionally grant 4% per point to the other core stats.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))


The druid covers himself in thorns that deal 3% per point of damage dealt, back to attackers

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))

Healing Touch

The Druid is imbued with natural energy, healing for 12% of intellect per point.

(Cooldown: 10 seconds)


The Druid blasts the target with moon energy, dealing 4% intellect damage per point and .5% every second after.

(Cooldown: 6 seconds)


The Druid rejuvinates his spirit, healing for 2% of intellect per point, every second for 5 seconds.

(Cooldown: 9 seconds)