11-20 Deadmines [Westfall]

21-30 Blackfathom Depths [Ashenvale]

31-40 Scarlet Monastary [Arathi Highlands]

41-50 Zul'Farrak [Tanaris]

51-60 Scholomance [Western Plaguelands]

61-70 Coilfang Reservoir [Zangarmarsh]

61-70 Hellfire Citadel [Hellfire Peninsula]

71-80 Utgarde Keep [Howling Fjord]

80-85 Halls of Origination [Uldum]

80-85 Stonecore [DeepHolm]

85-90 Heroic Temple of the Jade Serpent [Jade Forest]

90 Naxxramas [Naxxramas]

90 Brawlers Guild [Brawlers Guild]

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