Naxxramas has several high-level bosses, accessible only through the raid function. Before you can fight them, you will have to face 100 normal mobs. Idle after that, go to your additional options screen, adjust your party and raid like you have never raided before!

Accessible at Naxxramas

Boss HP Quality Rage Enrage Timer (sec)
Anub'Rekhan 250000 Legendary 46000 75
Maexxna 270000 Legendary 36000 75
Heigan The Unclean 340000 Legendary 42000 120
Loatheb 620000 Legendary 72000 148
Instructor Razuvious 325000 Legendary 90000 95
Gothik The Harvester 300000 Legendary 26000 74
Patchwerk 950000 Legendary 100000 200
Thaddius 410000 Legendary 65000 90
Sapphiron 425000 Legendary 64000 105
Kel'Thuzad 810000 Legendary 450000 200

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