Single Target Damage: 2.0

Multiple Target Damage: 3.0

Longevity: 5.0


If you have unlocked Heirlooms, Paladins start the game with an Heirloom Hammer. This weapon offers Strength and Intellect and is considered a Two Handed weapon.

More Information on Heirlooms.


Paladin Talents

Retribution TalentsEdit

Hammer of Justice

Stuns the target with a holy hammer, it cannot attack for .7 seconds per point.

(Cooldown: 25 seconds)

Retribution Aura

Deals 1% strength + 2% intellect damage per point whenever an enemy strikes the paladin.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))

Seal of Righteousness

The paladin enchants himself, each attack does 5% of intellect + strength bonus damage per point for 10 seconds.

(Cooldown: 20 seconds)

Divine Storm

The paladin's furious swings damage all enemies dealing 7.5% of base damage per point to additional enemies.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))

Crusader Strike

A powerful strike that deals 8% strength + 16% intellect damage per point.

(Cooldown: 16 seconds)

Holy TalentsEdit

Holy Light

The paladin mends his wounds, healing for 5% strength + 10% intellect per point.

(Cooldown: 8 seconds)

Blessing of Might

Base damage is increased by 1.5% strength + 3% intellect per point.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))

Seal of Insight

The paladin enchants himself, each attack heals him for 8% of intellect + strength per point for 10 seconds.

(Cooldown: 20 seconds)


The paladin lets holy power flow throgh him, judging the enemy. Deals 6% strength + intellect damage and healing per point.

(Cooldown: 8 seconds)

Holy Shock

Deals damage if the paladin's hp is above half, otherwise heals him. 6% strength + 12% intellect per point.

(Cooldown 12 seconds)

Protection TalentsEdit

Devotion Aura

An aura permanently surrounds the paladin, reducing damage by 2% per point.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))

Divine Shield

The paladin summons an impendable shield that prevents all damage for .5 seconds per point.

(Cooldown: 18 seconds)

Shield Expertise

Shields also grant 1% per point of the hp granted, to all stats.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))


The paladin blesses the ground around him, dealing 3% strength + 6% intellect damage per point to all enemies.

(Cooldown: 7 seconds)

Hammer of Wrath

The paladin unleashes his wrath on a weakened enemy below 20% health, dealing 20% strength + 40% intellect damage per point.

(Cooldown: 12 seconds)

Raid GuideEdit