Single Target Damage: 2.5

Multiple Target Damage: 2.0

Longevity: 5.0


If you have unlocked Heirlooms, Priest start the game with an Heirloom Staff. This weapon offers Intellect and is considered a Two Handed weapon.

More Information on Heirlooms.


Priest Talents

Discipline TalentsEdit

Iron Will

The priest trains his mind to ignore pain, absorbing and ignoring 2% damage per point .

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive))


The priest instantly revives himself from the dead.

(Cooldown: 270 seconds minus 18 per point)

Power Word Shield

The priest creates a spirit shield around himself that absorbs 15% of intellect dmage per point.

(Cooldown: 14 seconds)

Reflective Shield

The priest enchants himself with a shield that reflects 3% of all damage taken (or absorbed) back at the attacker.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive)

Bolt Mastery

The priest masters using the basic attack, dealing 3% intellect bonus damage per point with each attack.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive)

Holy TalentsEdit


The priest sears his enemy with divine light, dealing 6% intellect damage per point.

(Cooldown: 6 seconds)


The priest mends his own flesh and bone, healing himself for 10% intellect per point.

(Cooldown: 8 seconds)

Holy Nova

The priest sends out a blast of holy energy, healing himself and damaging all enemies for 4% of intellect per point.

(Cooldown: 8 seconds)

Greater Heal

The priest rejuvinates his own life force, healing himself for 20% intellect per point.

(Cooldown: 15 seconds)

Holy Fire

The priests enemy combusts in heavenly fire, dealing 20% intellect damage per point.

(Cooldown: 20 seconds)

Shadow TalentsEdit

Shadow Word Pain

The priest curses his enemy, they take .9% intellect damage per point every second until death.

(Cooldown: 5 seconds)

Mind Sear

Burns the minds of all enemies, dealing 6% intellect damage per point to each.

(Cooldwon: 8 seconds)

Vampiric Embrace

5% per point of the damage done by Shadow talents heals the priest.

(Cooldown: 0 seconds (Passive)

Mind Blast

The priest assaults his enemy's mind, dealing 10% intellect damage per point.

(Cooldown: 10 seconds)

Shadow Form

The priest becomes a shadow, increasing damage done by Shadow talents by 4% per point. Prevents Holy talents from being used.

(Coldown: 0 seconds (Passive))